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Friday, 21 May 2010

Tube cosmetics saver tip

Now, sometimes I have the problem of running out of cream or face wash which is in a squeezy tube. So I try to roll it up and squeeze out the last few bits but unfortunately that doesn't always work (even when you take the lid off). And then I thought what if I could just scrape it out? So grabbed the scissors (as you do) and snipped off the top so I could get directly into the tube! :)

(right-new tube, left - old tube)

Easy peasy! A good old common sense and
innovative thinking to solve a few pennies in the purse :D
Oh and that is the Simple Oil
balancing moisturiser. It's great for combination skin I think as it controls your oily T-zone. But I use it in combination with my bb cream for the morning so I get SPF and a better oil control, because it keeps my face oil free for reasonably longer.
Before you go chopping up all the tubes you own you might want to make sure the contents don't dry up easily. For example the Simple tube dried up pretty quick so I won't be doing that again xD So a little blob left out for 24 hours or so to see if it dries up is always helpful. And make sure it's NOT a compressed metal container :/ I'm not responsible for any personal injuries if not handled safely!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

BB cream & Eyelash essence review

So let's get stuck in....
BRTC - perfect protect system Jasmine water BB cream (60g), £25.50

I've been using the BRTC Jasmine water BB cream for just over a week now. It isn't sticky at all and it's light and absorbs very quickly, also the colour is like foundation. I use it like a tinted moisturiser and powder a lil mineral foundation over it for full coverage, because the BB cream has enough coverage to even out your skin and conceal blemishes. But if you have any dark sports such as freckles or moles it just lightens it slightly but doesn't offer the coverage that a load of liquid foundation would do. However even if you did put that much foundation on it'd most probably crease like hell xD So the overall coverage is excellent! It enabled me to just wear it without foundation at all when I'm in a rush and you can't tell the difference!
It says that it offers whitening, wrinkle repair and water replenishment functions. I haven't seen an improvement in the whitening department but I haven't been using it for long, but I don't really mind if it whitens or not as that's not really what I'm looking for right now. I can't tell if the wrinkle repair works or not as I don't have any wrinkles yet lol but it's better to prevent than cure!! And fiinnally the water replenishment is perfect as I think it does a slightly better job than my Simple Oil balancing moisturiser, at keeping my skin oil balanced. This means I only need to use a bit of blotting powder throughout the day. Oh and the bonus of the SPF 30 is perfect for the summery days to come!

Anosa Eyelash essence - £4.80

There is only a slight little fragrance to it which is nice and it doesn't sting your eyes. I've been using this after removing make up and before I sleep for a little over a week now. So far there isn't a huge difference, but I do feel that it helps moisturise my eyelashes and may have even lengthened and volumised my bottom lashes. But I haven't seen any added length to my top lashes yet. I'd recommend this for people that always have a coat of mascara on, so they'd benefit from the moisturises, but I'll keep using to see if there is any lengthening effect!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Sasa haul and recent buys

Phew I managed to make some time for some blogging! ^^
Here's what I bought from Sasa....

(Click to enlarge image)
I'm so glad a finally managed to get my hands on Dolly wink stuff because all the products are so cute! And I love Tsubasa Masuwaka, she's so pretty. Tsubasa Masuwaka is the model that collaborated with Koji to produce Dolly wink. I was going to purchase the eyelash case but the reviews of it weren't that great. Many people said that it was too flimsy and I already had a eyelash case newho (see last Sasa haul) Now I'm just eagerly waiting to see if Sasa will stock Melliesh porducts, because I really want the nude glosses they have!
I did want to try some BB creams so I read the first recommendation of a BB cream brand and bought it xD I'll do a little review when I've tried it out for a bit.
I ran out of face masks so I bought a popular Olay face mask that's proven to moisturise and even out your skin tone, I will be using this once a week. Oh and I wanted to try an eye mask too which I will use when I get tired eyes, it'll be a temporary solution before I get to have a well deserved lie in.
I was running out of eye make up remover so I opted for a nice rose essence one, I'll be doing a review after I use it for a week.
The eyelash glue that I'm using now is the Eyelure strip lash glue which is really good and dries clear after a while, but I was wondering what it would be like if I used a black eyelash glue as I always use black eyeliner when I wear false lashes. Hopefully it will blend in so I wont have to wait for the clear lash glue to dry.
The Koji eyelash curlers that I bought in my last Sasa haul weren't that great, the shape of it was too small to fit my eyes so it pinches at either sides of my eyes when I use it. That's why I bought the Shiseido eyelash curlers to try, if that fails then I'm going all out to buy the well known holy grail Shu Umera eyelash curlers!
As I always wear mascara and curl my lashes when I wear make up, my lashes can get quite damaged and weak. So I decided to start on a budget eyelash essence that claims to provide eyelashes with nutrients, which strengthens their roots and enhances their tenacity which regular usage.

I'll be doing reviews on each product after a while of testing them out :D
Sasa also sent me a free lil memo pad as a gift

And my most recent buy is...

Revlon nail enamel in 005 Sheer Blush and Palmer's Coco Butter (fragrance free)
I'll take a photo of the varnish on my nails soon~
And I was running out of the coco butter in my miniature bottle so I bought a normal sized bottle to use at home.

Upcoming post: Tube products saver tip!
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